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You have a brilliant idea. With all your might, you are making it grow. You nurture it with your time, your energy, your hopes, your sweat, your dollars and your dreams.

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The Law Office of Kelcey Patrick-Ferree is a different kind of firm. Kelcey is intentional, connected, and invested in the business future of Iowa and Minnesota. She has big ideas, just like you.

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The Law Office of Kelcey Patrick-Ferree is everything you need from Business and Internet counsel. Kelcey is accountable, accessible, knowledgeable, smart and in touch with her industry. She is easy to work with. Friendly. And she’s invested in the Midwest's entrepreneurial future and--more importantly--your part in that future.

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The Law Office of Kelcey Patrick-Ferree is comfortable, competent and a competitive choice for clients large and small, and has experience in industries including software, hardware, consulting, education, health care, airport, municipal, state government, electronics, manufacturing, food and beverages, restaurants, recreation, medical device, energy, gaming (tabletop and online RPGs), and publishing.

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The Law Office of Kelcey Patrick-Ferree is a business law firm emphasizing internet, airport, and transportation law, including the following areas of practice:

Recent Posts

Updating Your Website? Update Your Terms!

By Kelcey Patrick-Ferree | 5:10 pm

If you’re feeling ready for a change and updating your website, or even if you aren’t, now is a good time to take a look at your website’s Terms of Use, Terms of Sale, and Privacy Policy.

Employment Non-Compete Clauses and Liquidated Damages in Iowa

By David Ferree | 8:49 am

If you have ever signed an employment agreement, or asked your employees to sign one, it probably had a covenant not to compete with the employer if the employee leaves the business. These clauses are usually called “non-competes.” They typically limit the time and the geographic area within which the former employee can perform the … Read more

Iowa Supreme Court Takes Conservative Approach to Airspace Hazards

By David Ferree | 4:46 pm

After analyzing the federal regulations, case law, and Iowa law, the Iowa Supreme Court determined there was no conflict between federal and local law here and, in fact, the federal laws contemplated that local rules could be more restrictive than FAA Part 77 regulations.

Eminent Domain and the Bakken Pipeline Redux

By David Ferree | 3:51 pm

The Iowa Supreme Court holds that the Dakota Access pipeline provides beneficial side effects for Iowans despite not providing any oil to Iowa.

Upcoming Event: Local Government Law CLE

By Kelcey Patrick-Ferree | 9:29 am

We are pleased and excited to announce that David Ferree will be speaking at the upcoming Continuing Legal Education event for the National Business Institute on Tuesday, December 5, 2017, in Des Moines: Local Government Law: What Attorneys Need to Know, covering topics including: Open Meeting Laws Public Records Issues Human Resources Issues Budgets and … Read more

You Detected a Data Breach. Now What?

By Kelcey Patrick-Ferree | 11:22 am

You are the CEO of a mid-size company. As you are going about your day, minding your business, you get a call from your security department. It’s a call you really didn’t want. Security has detected suspicious file movements and wants your directions about what to do next. You have likely suffered a data breach. … Read more

Agricultural Leases, or A Horse is a Horse

By David Ferree | 10:00 am

There are two main schools of thought about how to read statutes. One is that judges should read the words and apply them, period, whatever the result. The second school is that judges should read the words in the context of the problem the writers were trying to resolve and give them a meaning that the writers intended, or would have intended if they had foreseen the problem in the case before the court, even if the writers did not use exactly the right words. The Iowa Supreme Court recently looked at this question in the context of agricultural leases, specifically whether a single horse makes a farm.

Eminent Domain and the Bakken Pipeline

By David Ferree | 11:22 am

A great deal of ink has been spilled writing about the Bakken Pipeline currently being built across Iowa and how eminent domain is being used to acquire the land for the project. Not all of the writings have been entirely clear and some of the statements quoted in articles have not been entirely accurate. This post attempts to provide readers enough information about a) the power of eminent domain and b) the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) decision about the Bakken Pipeline to provide at least a basic understanding of the issue.

Introducing David Ferree, Of Counsel

By Kelcey Patrick-Ferree | 11:27 am

The Law Office of Kelcey Patrick-Ferree is focused on the future of business law. With emerging and exciting innovation happening in all sectors, we’re expanding our offerings to include public sector service with a focus in transportation. I am therefore extremely excited to announce that David Ferree has joined the Law Office of Kelcey Patrick-Ferree as Of Counsel to the firm.

What Should I Put in My Company’s Social Media Policy?

By Kelcey Patrick-Ferree | 3:45 pm

It seems like someone is in the news for getting into trouble on social media almost daily. Many companies have adopted social media policies as part of their employment policies to help guide their employees’ behavior and prevent embarrassing mishaps. If you are considering a social media policy, here are some things to think over and include.